Snowy and the Castle Caulibut Caper
snowy princess smokey poobah

Snowy Lord
Handsome and highly talented, he's a top-earning photographer with an exciting playboy lifestyle.

Snowy's gorgeous girlfriend and very capable assistant. She's a former deb and part-time model.

Semi-successful artist on the fringe of the music scene who does odd jobs for Snowy to get extra cash.

The Poobah
Stinking rich thanks to his import/export business, this loonie owns the Poobahate of Yahoogroupor.

welisilli bhattsakhar dolly helga

Simple-minded, loyal valet/doormat who comes from a long line of servants to the Poobah's family.

Poobah's humbly devoted bodyguard. He would do almost anything to remain in his master's favour.

Dolly Byrd
Pretty policewoman with a shy disposition. She hails from the neighbouring village of Hamerton.

Helga Bondt
Sexy, yet slightly domineering detective from the CID who recently transferred from Germany.

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