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My dear Krystal and de Warrens, please do come to Wolfsburg this year, we all would appreciate you being around with fellow Playmo afficionados and friends! I really would enjoy finally meeting you in person after all these years!!!!!!
olki | Germany | 04.04.09

I love the site. My favorite section is the Playmotarts! I especially like the Trailer Trash.
Klickus Mobilius | 07.03.09

hi, this site is perfect! I use your wallpaper! so cute!!
natsumi | Tokyo, Japan | 28.09.08

Hi there! Congratulations to your wonderful site and this perfect customs. My favorite is the Klicky from my hometown ;-) Thx for your pics and idea's! Greetings from PJ
Playmo-Jürgen | Kassel, Germany | 17.08.08

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your wonderful stories! I really hope to see more of your fabulous talent! Really great, wonderful sight! Regards, Flash
Flash | Germany, UK | 21.03.08

The stories are abosulately great. Congratulations for your fantastic work. I am a Playmobil fan and I would like to know if it is possible to buy some figures.
Javier Ruiz | Spain | 15.10.07

 Wow! Really great, I love your photos and your stories, they're full of charm! 
Robin | Spain 29.06.07

Je web is heel leuk !!
Laurens| Belgium | 10.06.07

This is a very great web site! We love the stories and the way you painted playmobil. We'll try to do our best to paint our toys!
playmo | France | 30.09.06

This site is great and I collect PM keyrings recently and got more than 30 but some are difficult to find and never seen before till now. Keep working. thanks
curtis | playmoland | 24.09.06

i'm also a playmobil collector! many keychains!
Susanna | Hong Kong | 24.08.06

I love this site so much! I was looking through the keychain gallery and it's awesome!
Harvey | United States | 11.08.06

hey..relle cool gallery pictures..honestly i collect them and im wondering if i can buy any of them?
brittany | Staten Island, New York | 30.07.06

your website is great! i love it very much.
apin | Taiwan.R.O.C, Kaoshiung | 19.07.06

this page is realy goood. I love it! A realy sweet idea. You realy made something out of it! thx *thumbs up* champ
champ | Germany | 17.07.06

Great photos!
Robert | Boston, Massachusetts | 14.07.06

Would it be possible to purchase the just for clicks model of the 26th cameronians in the american war of independance serious. This was my local regiment and i collect items of the Cameronians. Regards, Tommy Jardine..
tommyjardine | Scotland | 13.07.06

Hi! My name is Anita and I love your site. My favourite story is Old Poo and the Ju-ju.
Anita Boreham | Lancashire, England | 28.06.06

 GRANDIOSO!!!!!!! tu pagina es realmente excelente! te felicito, BUENA SUERTE!!! 
sergio vergara | Chile | 01.05.06

Hey, nice site! Very fun-nay as Odd Todd would say. I like it. Thanks.
Paul | Germany | 25.04.06

I think what you are doing is great. I love these kicky things and they help me pass the time of day with a big smile.
Sara McMannon | Bangkok, Thailand | 31.03.06

Love the site and will go through the stories again when time and not too much red red wine interupts my thought process. Keep up the good work and hopefully you will provide us with a Austin Powers to go with the Disco a go go girls. Do Playmobil do specs ?? Craig Quilliam AKA EDWINMODELS
Craig Quilliam | Brentford West | 27.03.06

a brilliant site , absolut fantastic Story`s. and a lot of great Coustomizings . I`m a big Fan from You. mfg Rotrock
Rotrock | Schwarzwald | 16.03.06

It's cool I am just a beginner in collecting playmobil. Learn a lot by visiting your website, thzzz
Jody | Hong Kong | 27.12.05

Great Site!!! My favourite is the Old Poo!!! How about more of him?
Livio | Germany | 23.12.05

*** Great great site ! Great stories! *** Merry Christmas
playmolandkoenig | Germany | 23.12.05

Claudia | Brazil | 26.11.05

Lovely and entertaining site. Your dedication and skill shows through on every page.
Adrian | Scotland | 23.11.05

Hej David, I like your Night of the Reaper so much!! Ms. Thailand has linked your page to hers and I could not resist reading the story a second time! (she showed it to me before) All the funny small things... Greetings from the North, Manuela
Manuela | Germany | 20.09.05

Just terrific !!! Of course I like the von Ditfurth Grenadiers best, because one of our units recreates just this fine hessian regiment. Just look at By the way, I live in a little Nassau town, that has a castle just like yours. Look at . I myself portray a hessian Jaeger of 1776. Do you have any in the making? Best regards from Hessen/Nassau, Martin
Martin Heller | Germany | 02.09.05

your playmo orcs are fabulous !! how can you make them ? and your independance civil wae soldier are unbelievable !!
pascal | France | 25.08.05

Hi krystal! Twister is excellent! my clicks had a really fun time playing with it, i will place some photos soon!! Thanks for a place plenty of good jobs and ideas
Fernando | 20.08.05

it's very good story ! i do'nt understand english but i'm french 's girl ... it's very lol again please !!!
waallou | France | 16.08.05

This pages are just so inspiring. My Playmobil collection suddenly gets a new dimention, and may wife can see a point with it now... Thanks, can't wait until your next story will be online...
Stig | Denmark | 09.08.05

Super Site, félicitations, en en redemande encore
Emile | France | 02.08.05

Love it all! I've been collecting model/toy soldiers for years but there's not a lot of laughs in it really unlike....................
Dan | 23.07.05

This place is really funny and plenty of good jobs and ideas. Thank a lot and congratulations!!!!
Mercè | 20.07.05

para mi maor
walter | 30.06.05

Congratulations !!! Need more of your stuff !! im avid for.... David , tell us the names form your GOGO Girls........she' s so sexy !! *lol* Andi
Customizer | Germany | 02.06.05

TWO YEARS ON THE WEB! Congratulations from all of us at GW! Here's to many more successful years ... All the best to you both ...
Richard Silvano | United States | 01.06.05

I've been a big fan of Krystal and David for years now! Love your new look Krystal and David, the Orgs Rock! See you out there! Gwyn
Gwyn | United States | 19.05.05

Hi krystal congratulations for you collection of keychains, im also crazy for keychains, see you on playmobilgroup.
Fernando | Mexico | 07.05.05

 hi~ i'm from Hong Kong! this Playmobil keychains website is amazing!! 
Susanna | 02.05.05

Thank's for giving us the guestbook again! I am looking forward to many more of your inspiring pics. PLEASE give us MORE of your hot stuff, Martin (crazy about smiling faces )
rudewideg | Germany | 01.04.05

As already mentioned elsewhere, this is one of my favourite websites. Keep up the good and inspiring work. And pleeeeeaaaaase do sequels to the stories of Old Poo and Snowy (and a sequel to Night of the Reaper would also be much appreciated). Sven aka Arizzo
Arizzo | Germany | 29.03.04

 Great! Love this site! David's wonderful customized soldiers, all the lovely and funny stories, the pics,... great!! Hope you both will keep on entertaining us!  
Hadoque | Belgium | 27.03.04

Seems to be that I'm the first after the relaunch of the guestbook to make an entry ... So, many thanks for the pleasure you gave us with sharing your work and ideas.
Little Jo | Germany | 27.03.04

"Night of the Reaper" has brought Playmobil entertainment to a new level. You two have raised the bar ... You have taken us on a trip to the dizzying pinnacle of your creativity... We can now see what we had all once only imagined ... And, wondered if it might be possible ... Thanks for the wonderful journey ... A delightful and fanciful journey ... A journey that I hope will continue and continue ...
Richard | United States | 06.02.04

This is so funny! Great stuff, you both did here! Wish my site would look so good like this one. This is the best ever Playmopage I' ve seen so far. OLKI
Olki | Germany | 20.01.04

Simply the most entertaining thing I have ever seen on the internet. period. Great writing and dizzying visuals. Snowy and Princess remind me of the old Avengers with Steed and Peel.
Klingrail | 28.12.03

Nice site! Many good pictures.::::
Per-Øivind Martinsen | 11.11.03

Great work guys! I finally had the time to come back and view the whole story (it helped that I just got a DSL connection - much faster now.) The "Daydream Believer" sequence is one of the very best uses ever of a song as exposition! (I adore that song - but what does it mean???) The sepia photo of Colonel Poobah also an excellent touch - so many funny references and inside jokes - too many to list (and I'm sure I didn't even get all of them.) I loved everything and look forward to the next installment(s)! Best regards - Anne
Indianna | United States | 16.10.03

I must be stupid. Or just did not expect the unexpected. It took me to Episode 4 to notice that Princess' legs are able to move separate from each other. Cool!
Sven van der Hart | Denmark | 10.09.03

wickedcrazycool!!! the best since monty python!
playmo123 | 03.09.03

Well done guys. I know where to look when I need a laugh. Congrats on the appearance, wit, and effort.
Chris | Hobart, Australia | 25.08.03

Just ran into this. Brilliant piece of work! This is how PM photostories should be made more. A joy to read and very funny. Groovy! Seems very timeconsuming, but really worth the effort!
Sven | Denmark | 10.06.03

hahahaaaa! lol... big thumbs up for your website! richard just showed me what happened the last months. i am staying with him here having loooots of fun... wanna get some more news? hah. coming next... playmoli
playmoliver @ richard | 07.06.03

 Wicked Site! So bizzare! Wild set-ups too! 
Daff | 07.06.03

This site made me laugh out loud - loved it, and keep 'em coming
Gyps | United Kingdom | 06.06.03

Excellent site, great fun a must for all playmo fans.
yrragnwad | United Kingdom | 06.06.03

Really great pics, krystal and warrensde! I was laughing and smiling all the way as I go through the story! Great playmo photography and setup too!
White Ice | 06.06.03

Great story - great pics mixed with a hilarious sense of humour. Keep it going!
Michael | Germany | 03.06.03

Hey there this is the best playmobil fan site ever seen. Congratulations!
Luis Estrada | 31.05.03

BRILLIANT pics! I wanna see more!
Tahra | Portugal | 28.05.03

Well done! Lots of Klicky fun! All of us are looking forward to seeing this site really grow!
Richard Silvano | United States | 28.05.03

Great site! Great stories! MORE!!!
Panos (playmoboy) | San Fransisco, US | 27.05.03