Twister Game
by Krystal

One of the greatest fads of the sixties, Twister was the first game invented that used human bodies as the playing pieces. It is still just as popular today and has been played by an estimated 65 million people all over the world!

Print out the templates on this page and follow the assembly tips, and soon your klickies will be able to play the game too! Check out Snowy and Princess playing Twister to see just how much fun can be had!


For increased durability, apply a layer of thin, sticky-backed clear plastic to the front of the design before you trim it to the final size. This will not only give the sheet a shiny vinyl look, but also make it easy to clean (comes in very handy when used by klickies at parties). For even more realism, the sheet can be folded afterwards to give a creased look as shown on the diagram below.

Please note that although the sheet is scaled correctly to fit inside the box, you might have difficulty storing it that way once you have applied the vinyl.


To add weight and rigidity, glue this to very thin card before trimming to exact size.


Fold along grey lines and edges of the colour design. Make small cuts along the dotted lines so you can overlap the corners and fix in place with a small dab of glue. The base is slightly smaller and will sit inside the lid when folded to shape.


Here is a useful page with the official instructions on how the game is played, just in case your little pals can't understand the mini rules sheet provided here.

The box design shown above is an early one issued under license in the UK by Arrow Games.

Twister is a registered trademark of Milton Bradley and is protected under trademark and copyright law.
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