At the Tate
by Warrensde & Krystal

Playmobil® figures modified with paint, milliput and other modelling materials.

"Cilla" and "Jackie" by Warrensde. "Peggy" by Krystal.

Paintings featured are from a real collection belonging to the Tate Gallery, London.

The Only Blonde in The World by Pauline Boty, 1963

Right: (from the top)
Gift Wrap by Richard Smith, 1963
Take Five by Antony Donaldson, 1962
Man Woman by Allen Jones, 1963
The Identi-Kit Man by Derek Boshier, 1962

All photos by Warrensde. Background paintings inserted digitally by Krystal.

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Tate wallpaper featuring "Jackie" available in Downloads.