De Warrens' World
How I was Captured by Playmobil Soldiers!
The true story of one man's utter downfall   (8 pages)

Customs and Conversions


    American War of Independence Series
    North Carolina Infantryman
     New York Infantryman
     26th Foot Regiment, Cameronians
     1st Foot Guards, later Grenadier Guards
     Grenadier, Regiment von Ditfurth, Hessen-Kassel
     Hessen-Kassel Rifleman

    Prussian VIth Dragoons
    Prussian 8th Foot Regiment

    18th c. British Grenadiers

    British Napoleonic Infantry

    French Infantry 1812  

    Nassau Drummer
    A Small Town in Nassau

   The Patch Brothers

Fun & Fantasy

   At the Tate

   Go-Go Girls

   Land of the Orgs

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