What's New?

Changed the picture on the main page (only took 7½ years!). Created a new home in Stories for my old wartime photo-story "I'll Be Home For Christmas." One pic added to the Image Archive.

Updated the Image Archive in the Gallery with 3 new pics.

Pilgrim customs page added to Playmotart's Patch in the Gallery. Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Welcome to the new look Just For Klicks! Most of the site changes are purely cosmetic, but there are some completely new pages here and there. Maybe you'll find them, maybe you won't.
It's possible you'll need to update some bookmarks because many pages have a completely new location. If you have trouble finding anything, you can always try the new Site Map which has a link to every single page on the site. The biggest change is the removal of the Guestbook (due to the constant abuse from spammers). The entries are now archived here.

Check out Playmotart's Patch in the Gallery for exclusive pics of a female aviator custom. Image Archive also updated.

New section for Colouring-in Pages created in Get Kl!cked. Print out the Christmas-themed drawing for the kids!

Christmas is also the season for pantomimes in many countries around the world! In keeping with this special tradition, there is a new wallpaper titled "Aladdin" available to download in
Get Kl!cked. Here's wishing everyone a very happy festive season!

Pics of PlaymoFriends' unique forum mascots have been uploaded in Playmotart's Patch. Two new pirate keychains added to the catalogue, 1 male, 1 female.

Christmas is coming! Pics of Krystal's female "Santa's Helper" custom have been added to Playmotart's Patch in the Gallery.

Added 3 pics to the Image Archive in the Gallery.

Don't miss "The Big One" this Friday! See the Comic Relief website for more details.


Seasonal desktop wallpaper featuring "The Little Match-Seller" added in Get Kl!cked. Updated the Image Archive in the Gallery with 6 new pics, and 4 keychains added to the catalogue - men (1), women (2), promotional (1). Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Earlier Site Updates

Happy Birthday to Playkingdoms!! Congratulations are due to Queen Tahra, who has now been hosting a Playmobil® fan-site for a total of 7 years!

A very happy Thanksgiving to all our US visitors! Visit Playkingdoms for a great selection of holiday-themed e-cards you can send to your friends and family!

It's PlaymoFriends' 1st birthday! Come and help us celebrate!

Liven up your computer desktop with the new "She-devil" wallpaper added in Get Kl!cked.

Check out the devilishly fun Halloween e-cards at Playkingdoms!

Added 3 (yes, that's THREE!) desktop wallpapers in Get Kl!cked.

Hooley-Dooley!!! Believe it or not, Krystal has actually updated the site! (Sorry about the long drought, folks. ) Take a walk on over to Playmotart's Patch in the Gallery to see the new page which has been added.

Today is Just For Kl!cks' third anniversary! Little Jo from PlaymoFriends has made a super photo to help celebrate the occasion with us. Visit his fan-site www.jr-x.de to see more of his wonderful Playmobil® creations!

The festive season is now upon us. To help you get in the spirit, take a look at Krystal's Playmobil® photo-story "I'll be Home for Christmas", set on the Home Front during World War 2.... now showing over at Garden Wargaming!

New, improved Guestbook script installed. It includes e-mail encryption to safeguard users and an anti-spam feature... plus it even has smileys!

If you're wondering why there's been fewer updates lately, it's because we've been having fun with our PlaymoFriends! Visit the message forum where collectors and fans of all ages come together to discuss Playmobil® and share their ideas and creations with other like-minded people.

Three sixties-inspired chicks by Warrensde and Krystal visit the art gallery At the Tate. New section in the Gallery titled "Customs HQ".

Installed new-look navigation bar plus added 6 pics to the Image Archive in the Gallery. New pic to main page promoting the Peace One Day event.

De Warrens' series of American War of Independence conversions is now complete. Click on the last box label to see the latest set of photos.

The fifth soldier from the American War of Independence series is here. Pics of the Grenadier from Regiment von Ditfurth, Hessen-Kassel, are available in De Warrens' World.

A soldier from the First Foot Guards joins the rest of De Warrens' American War of Independence conversions. New keychain pic (jmc pirate) added to Promotional section.

A representative from The 26th Foot Cameronian Regiment has arrived! Visit De Warrens' World for photos of the latest soldier from the American War of Independence series.

The second soldier from the American War of Independence series is ready for inspection. Photos of the New York Infantryman are now available in De Warrens' World.

An exciting series of figures from the American War of Independence period by Warrensde begins today. A different soldier will be added each week until the section is complete, so check back regularly. New site added to Links.

Time once again for some more military conversions by Warrensde. Photos of his beautiful Prussian Dragoons and their incredible steeds are now available in De Warrens' World. Image Archive in the Gallery updated again.

New wallpaper for fans of "Old Poo and the Ju-ju" added in Get Kl!cked. To read the exciting tale again (or even for the first time), follow the links from the Stories page. Image Archive in the Gallery updated.

Get "in the swing" with our new retro wallpaper featuring Warrensde's gorgeous go-go dancer. This time there's 3 different sizes to choose from, so there's sure to be one that fits your monitor perfectly!

Today marks the second anniversary of the site's launch, so we've decorated the main page with a special commemorative pic by Warrensde. Take a trip into De Warrens' World to see more of his pretty "pom-pom girls"! Two new Links added.

"Land of the Orgs" desktop wallpaper now available in Get Kl!cked.

Enter the "Land of the Orgs" and meet its wild and wonderful inhabitants in the new Fun & Fantasy section of De Warrens' World!

Military desktop wallpaper added in Get Kl!cked.

3 pictures added to the Image Archive in the Gallery.

Piratey desktop wallpaper added in Get Kl!cked.

It has come to our attention that some of your klickies don't know how to play Twister! :-o The template for the game has been revised and now includes the instructions. If you already printed out the previous one, and only require the extra little rules sheet, please see this page.

Print out the templates for our playmo-scale Twister game and let your klickies join in the fun! Look for it in the new section of Get Kl!cked titled "Playable Accessories". New fan-site added on Links page.

6 pictures added to the Image Archive in the Gallery.

Just in time for Easter, we present you with a custom Bunny Girl! Hop along to Playmotart's Patch for more pictures of the beautiful Bonnie. Plus, after a year of absence, the JustForKl!cks Guestbook is finally back up and in working order again. Woohoo!!!

A stunning new collection of custom soldier figures by Warrensde is here! Don't miss his incredibly detailed 18th Century British Grenadiers in De Warrens' World.

New medieval-theme wallpaper available for download in Get Kl!cked. If you haven't read "Night of The Reaper" yet, you'll find the links on the Stories page.

Like the etching-style image currently on our main page? (Yes, we ran it before, but we want to show it off again!) Check out the new section in Get Kl!cked where we have added a larger version of the etching suitable for printing and framing. Another update coming later this week.

Added another new section to the Gallery. Visit "Playmotart's Patch" and take a walk on j4k's wild side.

Completely new section with downloadable items added in the Gallery. Looking for Playmobil® images to brighten up your computer desktop? Then Get Kl!cked.

New theme added in De Warrens' World. The Patch Brothers are the first customs to feature in the Pirates section!

The Prussians have arrived! Amazing new series of customised Playmobil® soldiers added in De Warrens' World.

Changed the pic on the main page. Check back soon to see the new creations which have been keeping Warrensde so busy lately! Image Archive in the Gallery also updated.

Read the new story "All's Well That Ends Swell", featuring Hans, the world-famous Travelling Klicky! Map added to the "Who is Hans?" page, showing the location of some Highland towns and landmarks that Hans has seen.

Snowy and Princess return to our pages in a short photo-story titled "When Snowy Met Cessy"! See the Stories section for the link and the sixties glossary which has also been updated.

New pic to main page. Visit Garden Wargaming for the second installment of "I'll be Home for Christmas", a photo-story set on the Home Front during World War 2.

Added 6 pictures to the Image Archive in the Gallery.

The men from C Company are here! Warrensde presents his custom figures of British Napoleonic Infantrymen in our Gallery.

Beautiful pics of Warrensde's French Napoleonic Infantrymen, "The Glorious Seven", added in De Warrens' World.

New photos of Playmobil® conversion figures added to De Warrens' World in the Gallery. Visit a small town in Nassau and inspect the soldiers close up!

A brand new area has been created in the Gallery dedicated to Playmobil® customs and conversions. Enter De Warrens' World and read his true story, "How I was Captured by Playmobil Soldiers!" More coming soon.

Some alterations have been made to layout of the site: The keychain pages have moved from the Gallery to their own section which is now accessible via a nav button at the top of every page (please update your bookmarks). The Characters pages no longer have a separate section but are still available via links in Stories. Also added a Site Map in the Loony-Bin. New pic to main page - another spellbinding story from de Warrens coming shortly.

Get in the right spirit for some spooky Halloween fun with the Playmocards at playkingdoms. Why not send some to your friends? We think they're great!

6 new additions to the catalogue of keychain photos in the Gallery - men (2), women (2), children (1), promotional (1).

The new story is finally up! Read about the travelling klicky called Hans, and follow his adventure shot on location in the Highlands of Scotland. Image Archive updated and a new site added to Links.

Er... 3 months later and the story's still not quite finished - simply don't have enough spare time to devote to it at the moment. Have replaced the main page pic with a fabulous shot taken by Warrensde, inspired by his recent seaside holiday.

Call back next week when we will celebrate our first birthday with the launch of a completely new photo-story!

Added 9 pictures to the keychain catalogue in the Gallery - men (5), women (3), children (1).

6 pictures added to the Image Archive in the Gallery.

Voting is over and a new ending has been added to part 2 of "Night of the Reaper"! Updated the Links section with new sites and re-organised the page into categories.

Keychain catalogue section in the Gallery updated with new photos of individual figures - men (4), women (1), children (1), promotional (4). Changed layout on promotional page - roll mouse over pics to see back views of selected figures.

Woo hoo! Our domain URL is finally working again!! To celebrate we have created a Just For Klicks banner which you may download and use on your own sites if you wish. You'll find it at the bottom of our Links page.

It's finally ready! You can now read the concluding second part of our medieval tale "Night of the Reaper" plus the updated list of saints referred to in the story.

Part 2 of the Reaper story coming here soon!

Just For Klicks
has been offline for 2 weeks (whaddya mean, you never noticed? :-P) but we're very glad to be back! A big thank-you to Richard at Garden Wargaming and Walt for all their help in securing a great deal for us with a new web-host and taking care of the transfer process.
Some minor changes have been made to the layout of the site during the downtime, particularly the keychain pages in the Gallery where the catalogue has been updated with several new pictures. Also added a new page with background information for our "Night of the Reaper" story.

We have pleasure to introduce Part 1 of an exciting, new photo-story titled "Night of the Reaper", a cautionary tale set in medieval times. Also included is a brief summary of the main characters.

New site added to the Links page and 3 more pictures filed in the Image Archive. Brand new story coming here soon!

It's quite surprising what some people will throw away. Just take a look at what we found amongst the rubbish at Playmobil's® headquarters in Zirndorf. New section titled Geobra's Garbage created in the Gallery.

Updated the keychain section in the Gallery with some new pages and photos.

We've started the new year off with a bang! Snowy has re-arranged his Photo Album in the Gallery section and added some brand new pictures! The Links section has also been updated.

Added 3 pictures to the Image Archive in the Gallery and a seasonal picture on the main page. Merry Christmas everyone!

The fun and adventure continues with 6 exciting new pages in Chapter 5! New terms also added to the Glossary.

Looks like the Poobah is in for a real swingin' time! Watch out for the new chapter of the Castle Caulibut story - coming soon!

Created an Image Archive in the Gallery with clickable thumbnails of all pics used on the main page.

Updated the keychain pages in the Gallery with new pictures - 6 men, 1 woman and 4 kid keychains added.

New picture on main page to commemorate World Animal Day. Try the new animal themed e-cards at playkingdoms!

Expanded Castle Caulibut's Characters section and added two new fan sites to the list of Links.

Chapter 4 of Snowy and Princess' story now online! Glossary also updated.

Different picture added to main page. New chapter of the "Castle Caulibut Caper" coming within the week!

Created a catalogue of Playmobil® keychain pics which can be found in the Gallery section.

Added next chapter of "Snowy and the Castle Caulibut Caper". Updated the Glossary and the Links section.

Changed the picture on the main page. New chapter of Snowy's adventure is nearly here!

A complete tale 9 pages in length, our new story "Old Poo and the Ju-ju" is now ready for viewing! Find out a little background about some of the characters and browse through Poo's Annals for further information related to the story.

Updated the picture on the main page. New story coming soon!

Added a new section titled Gallery and created Snowy's Photo Album.

Just For Klicks goes online for the first time. Feature story "Snowy and the Castle Caulibut Caper" begins with Chapters 1 and 2. Added a Glossary of terms related to the story and four main characters to the Characters section.