Night of the Reaper

Discover the fate of three lawless and rustic companions in this cautionary tale set in medieval


Part 1  (8 pages)

Part 2  (8 pages)


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Help us, St Jude!
A brief explanation of medieval swearing and the meanings behind all of the saints' names.

Old Poo and the Ju-ju

Follow the exploits of Colonel Poobah's 19th Century cavalry during a foray into the Oomigoolie Hills of


Full story  (9 pages)


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Poo's Annals
Anecdotes derived from historical records which provide helpful background information to the story.

Snowy and Princess

Return to the swinging sixties with the photographer playboy and his beautiful girlfriend.

When Snowy Met Cessy
How it all began for the hip couple one fateful New Year's Eve.   (2 pages)

Snowy and the Castle Caulibut Caper
Snowy and Princess stumble upon some mysterious

happenings at the Poobah's castle.

Shortcuts to individual chapters:
Chap. 1  The Joint's Really Jumpin'
Chap. 2  Strange Days
Chap. 3  A Most Peculiar Man
Chap. 4  Tired Of Waiting For You
Chap. 5  Bend Me, Shape Me

Caulibut Characters

A helping hand for those too young to remember the 1960s, including a list of songs used in the stories.

Hans in the Highlands

The adventures of Playmoboard's "Travelling Klicky"

while on holiday in Scotland.

Who is Hans?
An introduction to the hunky adventurer.

Desperately Seeking the Serpent
Hans takes a tour around Loch Ness hoping for a glimpse of the famous monster   (4 pages)

All's Well That Ends Swell
Hans visits the Black Isle and makes a curious discovery   (1 page)

I'll Be Home For Christmas

WW2 British soldier, Alfred, returns home for his last wartime Christmas to be greeted by some surprising


Part 1  (10 pages)

Part 2  (14 pages)

Part 1 of this story was created in December 2003 and originally hosted by the lovely Richard at Garden Wargaming. Never intending to continue the story, I was persuaded to create a further chapter the following year, thanks mostly to his enthusiasm.