Sixties Glossary

Bailey, David  Revolutionized fashion photography at the beginning of the 1960s with his uniquely original style. Bailey recorded the swinging London scene and helped define British cool.

Bazaar  Mary Quant's shop which burst onto London's Kings Road in the mid-1950s. She had an enormous influence on attitudes within the fashion community during the 1960s and was responsible for hot pants, the Lolita look, the slip dress and PVC raincoats.

Berk  Stupid person, derived from rhyming slang "Berkshire Hunt"

Bummer, what a  How depressing

Cat  General word for a man; synonymous with "guy" during the sixties

Dig  To be into something or find it enjoyable

Dolly-bird  An attractive and stylish young woman

Far out  Adjective describing anything that is excellent or cool

Flying squad  Rapidly mobile police detachment

Granny Takes a Trip  Popular hippie clothes outlet located in the UFO club (also the title of a song recorded by The Purple Gang).

Grass  Marijuana

Hefner, Hugh  Founded Playboy magazine in 1953, a mainstream lifestyle publication known for its high quality of writing as well as its regular photos of naked women. Hefner also opened nightclubs in the 1960s and '70s, featuring scantily clad women known as "Bunnies." He is renowned for his harem of much younger girlfriends.

Hockney, David  British painter, draughtsman, printmaker, photographer, and designer. Studied lithography in art school at Bradford. He became associated with pop art, but his early works also display expressionist elements.

Kripo  Abbreviation of Kriminalpolizei, police crime unit for which the British equivalent is the CID

Monterey  Site of an International Pop Music Festival which took place between 16-18th June, 1967. Over 200,000 people attended this unique event, smaller on scale than Woodstock yet seen as more influential from a musical perspective. Over 30 acts performed including The Mamas and the Papas, The Jefferson Airplane, The Who, The Byrds and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Nick, the  prison

Pad  A house or apartment

Rock  Slang for a diamond or gem (set in a ring); also a type of music

Sassoon, Vidal  One of the most influential hair stylists of the mid-1960s. He opened his first salon in 1954 on Bond Street, London, and later became famous for his low maintenance and incredibly modern creations such as the Bob and the Five-Point Cut.

Shankar, Ravi  Legendary sitar maestro and composer, largely responsible for introducing Indian music to western audiences. He has collaborated with a variety of other musicians but is widely remembered for his work with the Beatles.

Sticks, the  A remote area, backwoods, or a city or town regarded as dull or unsophisticated.

Split  To leave, usually without making a fuss

Thunderbirds  Popular British TV show which featured puppet characters created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. In December 1966 they hit the big screen in the first feature-length Supermarionation, Thunderbirds Are Go.

Twiggy  Nickname attributed to Leslie Hornby, the first teenager to become a fashion supermodel. She was discovered while working in a London hair salon and rose to world fame after she made her first visit to America in March, 1967.

Twister  Game including a plastic sheet covered with large colored circles, which is spread out on the floor. When it was first released in 1966 by Milton Bradley, detractors denounced the game as "sex in a box", but it went on to be hugely successful and sold more than three million copies in its first year.

UFO  Underground Freak Out - a Friday night club located in Tottenham, London from December 1966 - October 1967.

Song Credits

With A Little Help From My Friends (Lennon/
McCartney, 1967)

Light My Fire (Densmore/Krieger/Manzarek/Morrison, 1967)

Baby Please Don't Go (Morganfield, 1953)

A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Brooker/Reid, 1967)

If Ever I Would Leave You - from the musical "Camelot" (Lerner/Loewe, 1960)

Daydream (Sebastian/Yanovsky/Boone/Butler, 1965)

Daydream Believer (Stewart, 1967)

Hello Dolly - with profuse apologies to the original composer (Herman, 1963)

I'm A Believer (Diamond, 1966)