A Passage from Poo's Annals

The Eye of the Kyber first came to Yahoogroupor as part of the dowry of Princess [name illegible]. It was lost in the Great Raid of 1727 when the Cabbiehammie swept into the city, looting shops, robbing men, violating women and pinching kids' sweets! The Lancers, who garrisoned the city, were out pig-sticking! Almost the entire treasury and crown jewels were lost.

Since then Yahoogroupor has been poor and pooh-poohed by its neighbours, and most of the Poobahs have sunken to drink and debauchery. They drink to forget their shame. The present Poobah is no exception.

The return of the Eye of the Kyber will increase the status of Yahoogroupor -
and its credit rating!!

From an old manuscript found hidden away in the broom cupboard of
Colonel Poobah's palace. Sincerest gratitude to Col. (Retd.) I M Scratching Ruffbuttock
for his help in deciphering the text.