Characters from Old Poo and the Ju-ju

Old Poo

 The Poobah of Yahoogroupor

Also has the position of Colonel of the 1st Regiment of Yahoogroupor Lancers (aka the Yahoo Yobbos), a wily old fox, roundly hated by everybody and known as "Old Poo" behind his back. This portrait shows all the trappings of state. The tiger symbolises the power and strength of the Poos, the lily death - together they symbolise "Bow to my strength or become tiger fodder." Behind the golden throne is the family standard. On the throne itself, the family crest, a vulture argent on a field or. The Poobah holds the divine elephant goad which represents his role as goader of his people (into paying taxes and bending to his will). On his brow he wears the red poppy, a symbol of Yahoogroupor's wealth.

Ensign RasCalli 

A relation of the Poobah, in fact, 27th in line to the throne! He has charm, intelligence, ruthlessness, wit and humour mixed with an equal portion of ill fortune. He is pictured here with his incontinent dog called Bha Dluck.

 Bugler Andsome

Ruggedly good-looking with all the virtues of a fairytale prince. The talented son of a poor family, he took the King's shilling (or in his case, the Poobah's pupee) to feed his starving parents and equally talented, younger brother. A virtuoso on the three-stringed Yahoogroupor sitar and pretty hot on the spoons too! He's the pride of his regiment and loved by everyone.

Trooper Welisilli 

Courageous, hardworking, cheerful and loyal, but born on the wrong side of the dirt track. He comes from a very large family, it could even be said that the Welisillis are the backbone of the Royal Yahoogroupor Army. Welisilli's knowledge of edible fungi decimated an infantry regiment, killed seventeen horses, two mules and an elephant! Unfortunately, they were all members of the Royal Army. He has but one small character flaw - he's as thick as two short planks!