Characters from Night of the Reaper


A lazy, thirsty ne'er-do-well; he has a wife, children and a small farm - all of which he neglects. The only farmer who has never seen a dawn but whose horse stops at every tavern door.


A younger son, too brainless for the law, too irreligious for the church and too cowardly for the army. He enjoys a munch and a swig, a song and a wench, and even a cut and a thrust on occasion!


Danial Ignatius Miller. A rambler, gambler and poacher (some say thief) who lives on his wits. He has a certain charm, surprising luck, audacity, and likes to wave his weapon about.


An apothecary and alchemist who dreams of finding the lodestone. He makes his living by selling rhino horn, aqua vitae, potions and poisons. He's very old and really quite deep.